About Prodex

A young and dynamic scientific and technological team.

  • Online shopping and payment
  • Together with our partners, PRODEX provides extremely competitive payment backstage management system services, through offering the convenient and cheap online system.

  • Anti-Fraud solution
  • Withing the increasing number of e-merchant selling, the rate of high fraud also increased in past years, almost reaching 18% per year. Passive oversight with manual tracking and scattered data points cannot catch the process of modern massive payment needs. So more efficient and secure risk management technology will fit the client’s need.

  • Data Privacy Protection
  • Entering the era of Big Data, the data privacy become more and more important. Several data leak cases occurred these years and the e-merchant and e-merchant platform pay more and more attention on data protection technology. Our services will help the clients to set boundaries in data collection and da protection along with building more secure and stable firewalls.

Let's Work Together!

Marketing & Sales

Advertising should be our No.1 marketing plan. We plan to use the social media such us Facebook, Tumblr or other platform to promote our system services.
We will also use Email marketing to contact our potential e-merchant customers. We plan to use Email marketing provider such as Benchmark.com to complete the marketing.
Among all the customers, some initial customer will be our focus, such as Amazon, Taobao Overseas and other e-merchant platform.
We will also join the meeting with our clients to explain how our system works and what helps our system can offer. We commit a quick response to the client’s inquiries and will offer significant customer services.

Prodex Services

AI Risk Monitoring

Based on Neural Network technology, we will provide a system where risk will be detected for further action through unsupervised learning algorithm, complemented by manual experience and machine learning competency.

Cloud Calculation boosting AML/CTF

Our system is implementing an edge-cutting cloud calculation framework to implement a real-time simulation of critical technical measures to optimize our solution through virtualization and automation.

Big Data Risk Management

Big data is deployed in picturing accurate user persona of customers and fraudsters to manage risks through managing risk factors and risk dimensions by combining geo-location information, purchase behavior, social circle information, mostly used network information.

Modeling Platform

Real-time detection is in place when risk models are deployed online. One-stop life cycle management visualization is equipped with model forming, offline simulation, version control, bucket testing and online deployment. Functions such as performance monitoring and real-time alerts will be embedded into the platform.